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Dear Friends,

What a month it’s been! I trust everyone’s getting back to a sense of normalcy after the hurricane.

Additionally, I’m glad that I got to speak to each of you personally after the abrupt cancellation of REALITY CHECK! in September.

My sincere apologies for the break in original content, which you were promised when you agreed to sponsor the show. I promise to make it up to you and I thank you for your words of encouragement during the lapse in programming. Your outpouring of advice, support and kindness means a lot…thanks!

With your constant commitment, you affirm that you believe that the Chrissy Love brand generates sales and excitement for your products and services, while making a stellar impression in the market!

For that… I AM GRATEFUL!

As listeners and viewers of REALITY CHECK! you’ve always heard me share with the audience that while we need to act LOCALLY as Bahamians, we also need to THINK GLOBALLY. This new incarnation of the show will do that.

I’m done hosting TALK shows! My next project is a WALK show! We will walk the talk, showcasing conversations with people who are WALKING through The Bahamas and worldwide, leaving indelible impressions of the BEST OF US.

Since 1994, I’ve made a concerted effort to show people how they can walk into their truth, while doing their part to make our nation fill the gaping chasm between potential and REALITY! As you’ve heard me say…

If each before their doorstep swept…the village would be clean…

Continuing my tradition of keeping it real, on November 8, 2016, I’m launching REALITY CHECK! & CHRISSY LOVE LIVE, broadcasting our empowering message from the 2016 United States Presidential elections through social media platforms—Facebook Live and You Tube Studio.

That Tuesday, we go LIVE at 2pm EST and will end the broadcast at 4pm EST. You can expect to hear AND SEE familiar Bahamian faces dropping by the broadcast to lend their commentary about how the outcome of the day will affect the globe.

Our plan is to resume broadcasting daily beginning Nov 15th, 2pm EST to 4pm EST on the Facebook Live and You Tube studio platforms with uploads to Additionally, the Chrissy Love Live App (in development) will stream broadcasts LIVE.

Your presence on our social media platforms of Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and provides you with unique advertising opportunities. Here are just a few that I offer:

  • Advertising/Live Read/Content imbedded in show
  • Advertising/Collateral placement
  • Appearances and Product placement
  • Remote broadcasting with AUDIO & VIDEO
  • Banner Ad placement on the Chrissy Love Live & Raw You Tube channel/Twitter/Facebook

Our partnership also provides you with intel, analytics and demographics previously unavailable in the local market. Wouldn’t it be great to ACTUALLY see who is tuned in to your message?

Wouldn’t you like to know EXACTLY how your advertising and marketing dollars are working for you?

I urge you to play an integral part in this groundbreaking venture. Please email me, indicating your level of commitment for the show and the package(s) you intend to purchase. Your payment by cash, check (payable to Christina Thompson) and credit card is welcomed!

You’ve been with me since 1994 because you believe in me.Thank you so much for your continued support. We can do great things together!

Let’s get started!

Christina “Chrissy Love” Thompson
242.544.3900 –mobile
242.394.2876 –Universal Nutrition/Raw On Da Porch

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