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Reality Check

Reality Check, hosted by the pioneering and legendary Chrissy Love, seeks to engage our citizens in a dialogue about the REAL issues we are concerned about – topics which touch the everyday lives of our people. Invited guests, as well as candid out-of-studio sound bites, will help to broaden the conversation. Tackling and shaping the National issues of the country– anger management, good governance, civic responsibility, intimacy, parenting & child rearing, financial prudence, gender issues – Reality Check is here to shed light on and provide practical solutions for ALL the diverse and complex relationships of our lives. And every Friday, we ask our listeners, “WHO needs a REALITY CHECK and WHY?” Reality Check is fully interactive. Call in, or follow us on twitter @chrissyloveraw, Facebook –“Reality Check Bahamas”, Skype at realitycheck969, Chrissyloveraw on Instagram and YouTube and Google+, email or text us on 422-GR96.

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