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A BEE STING and spa info from BAHA RETREAT! Truth is…OUCH!!! These cuss words tho! Please Subscribe, Follow and Like Chrissy Love Live & Raw!

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Raw on da Porch is the ONLY eatery of its kind in The Bahamas. since 2009, its owner, Chrissy Love has shared her story of transformation, weight loss, anti aging and healing, while inviting all who eat there to: BANISH DISEASE, DETOX YOUR LIFE, HEAL YOUR WORLD, REVERSE OLD AGE…RELEASE THE[…]

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LIVE from Centreville Food Market for WELLNESS WEDNESDAY! also celebrating 44 years with the Major family. Shelves are fully stocked and a kitchen giveaway sweetens the pot!

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The Story IS the talk of the town! We ask about trifling, shiftless Bahamian women having baby fa married man… Please Subscribe, Follow and Like Chrissy Love Live & Raw!

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Live from DOON WATCH NUTTIN STUDIOS! Join Renard Henfield, Sam Duncombe, Calvin da Barber, Senator John Bostwick II, Greg Collie II to discuss BLACK FRIDAY in THE BAHAMAS, November 25, 2016.

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