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Media personality Chrissy Love has been scorching Bahamian radio and television for well over two decades with a radical message that stands the test of time.

Since coming on the air in 1994, she has made a passionate and concerted effort to demonstrate how people can walk into their truth, while filling the gaping chasm between potential and reality. Since her debut, she has enjoyed a stellar career as the premier media presenter and producer of The Bahamas.

Being born in New York City to Bahamian parents gave Chrissy diverse perspectives and exposed her to what that media mecca had to offer a wide-eyed kid of immigrants with outsized dreams. Her Brooklyn neighborhood produced several A-list celebs, like Laurence Fishburne and In Living Color’s Kim Coles. Pursuing her own passions, Chrissy appeared on New York’s CBS TV show “Around the Corner” at the age of eight and went on to attend the prestigious Brooklyn Junior Academy with many of today’s entertainment luminaries (Lenny Kravitz).
As a result, Chrissy was hooked and wanted to be part of the world of entertainment and media.

Those dreams followed Chrissy when she relocated with her family to the Bahamas as the country sought to break from Great Britain. Chrissy danced in the panoramic, spectacular parades that heralded the dawn of Bahamian independence in 1973.

As she grew into a confident young woman, Chrissy immersed herself and got her media chops at The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, just three years after Bahamian TV debuted in 1977. Flash ahead to the 1990s. By sheer providence, Chrissy had the chance to travel the world with rock star Lenny Kravitz and grabbed on with both hands. From Lenny, she learned that entertainment meant hard but rewarding work. She also learned how to captivate audiences and how to craft a message that resonates with those audiences. She brought those lessons back home to her first job in radio, producing a daily blend of wry humor with a biting social commentary that has become her calling card.
Over the years, Chrissy has captured the attention of thousands around the world—from lay people to those in the highest offices of business and politics. “Reality Check!”, her most recent radio program, transformed the previously dead 2:00 PM—4:00 PM time slot on Bahamian radio into the new prime time for listeners both locally and abroad. The show provided Chrissy with her bully pulpit to explore and incendiary mix, from Bahamian politics to health and wellness and the beauty of collaboration. Her mantra is, “If each before their doorstep swept, the village would be clean.”

History has shown, however, that the road for agitators for change like Chrissy is rarely smooth. Chafing against the restrictions of an increasingly sexist and patriarchal society and industry, Chrissy wanted the freedom to own and disseminate her unique message without restrictions. Fortunately, technology has provided a timely assist. Forever the pioneer, Chrissy’s new show—”Chrissy Love Live & Raw”—leaves terrestrial radio behind for a home on the Internet. “Chrissy Love Live & Raw” streams in real time on both Facebook Live and YouTube platforms. Says Chrissy: “I’m done hosting talk shows! My next project is a walk show! We will walk the talk, showcasing conversations with people who are walking through The Bahamas and worldwide, leaving indelible impressions of the best of us.”

And, unlike other shows in the Bahamas, you can actively contribute to its success. Click here to go to the “Chrissy Love Live & Raw” GoFundMe page. You can also visit, her Facebook page, her Twitter, and to get up-to-the-minute information on Chrissy’s efforts to revolutionize media, the Bahamas, and the world.

Come with Chrissy on this journey … let’s grow!

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